Unlock the POTENTIAL of new or existing products and communications

IdeaMap®.Net RDE

A Conjoint Project enables you to measure the tradeoff of each potential element (attribute) within a product, service, message, etc. By assigning a specific value to each individual element, you can then design the optimal product for the target audience, and focus on the most important features in the marketing message. For example, the goal may be to statistically figure out which products or services will be successful before the product is introduced to the market.

What is IdeaMap.Net?

  • A decision-making tool to understand the mind of the consumer, using experimental design.
  • Reveals motivating "hot buttons" for consumers in products and services.
  • Can be used for testing the impact of messaging, benefits, value propositions, pricing, competitive intelligence and new product development.
  • Streamlined self-authoring setup and execution process.
  • Generates clear, actionable insight into what specific messages drive consumer behavior
  • Powerful methodological foundation that runs automatically, without the need for deep statistical knowledge.
  • IdeaMap.Net shows the driving power of each concept element, for the total panel, for user- defined subgroups and for behavioral clusters (i.e. so-called latent).

Advantages of IdeaMap:

  • Systematic exploration of alternatives
  • A unique methodology co-developed with Wharton School of Business
  • Faster than traditional concept research with robust results
  • Individual regression models
  • Flexible modeling structure
  • Self-authored - you are in control
    • Significantly less expensive than focus groups with greater number of respondents
    • "Live" results change as respondents participate
    • Automatic subgroup analysis
    • Automated reporting is clear, robust, actionable

Customer Feedback

Quote From One Of The Top Ten Global Research Organizations About IdeaMap®

"The client is so pleased about the data and has used it in ways we have never seen before.... details

Brand Manager, Fortune 500 Packaged Goods Company

"Pass the word along, the tool is having a BIG impact and I have encouraged numerous managers to use it in their concept / copy development."... details