Unlock the POTENTIAL of new or existing products and communications

IdeaMap® Family of Products

Capturing Consumer Preferences with Bull’s-Eye Accuracy

Developed in cooperation with Wharton Business School, this high-speed, high impact tool is for managers looking to test a wide range of concepts or ideas for new products, advertising, messaging or general competitive intelligence. The technology reveals consumer "hot buttons" to ensure you hit your target the first time. Studies can be executed via on-line in almost any language. Top line analysis and actionable results available 24 hours after the study concludes. Survey hundreds of individuals over a day or two for less than the cost of a focus group!

The power of IdeaMap® also provides an Optimizer simulator, which identifies the best product construct for predefined consumer segments as well as for behavioral clusters that emerge as a result of the compiled survey responses.

IdeaMap® has been used by many of the Fortune 500 corporations as well as by small to medium sized enterprises to assist with the launch of some of the most recognized products and many of America’s and global favourite brands worldwide.

  • Create prototypes that answer the right questions, fast
    Get at the truths your customers don’t know how to tell you
  • Use automated tools to streamline the entire process
    Streamline your research, and get actionable answers in just days
  • Extend RDE’s value throughout the enterprise
    From messaging to corporate communications to investor behaviour

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